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KingsFord Waterbay


Indicative Price Guide For Early Birds (VVIP Preview) : 

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Kingsford Waterbay

This elegant-looking residential project is situated along Upper Serangoon View. Kingsford Waterbay’s location is bounded by Sungei Punggol and Upper Serangoon View. In the same way it is found opposite of the forthcoming Boathouse Residences and Heron Bay. It comes with tenure status of 99-year leasehold and it is expected to shelter TBA residential units. Its developer is one of the world’s highly respected developers Kingsford Development.

This rare residential development project is about 1.2 kilometers from the renowned Hougang Train Station which also runs the North East Line. It is certainly a very convenient dwelling area since future dwellers can delight in a number of bus services which are readily available and are just a few distance walk to the Town Centre, Punggol Bus Terminal and Punggol Train Station. In addition, this unified public transport system will absolutely provide future homeowners of this residential project efficient and fast travel to different parts of the city and downtown whether for work or for leisure.

Kingsford Waterbay Location

Apart from all these, Kingsford Waterbay is very well-linked to principal arterial roads that will connect to Kallang Paya Expressway which definitely makes it possible for a very few minute drive to Orchard Shopping Belt and the Central Business District. KPE also offers a great convenience when driving to different spots of the island.

Likewise, future dwellers can head down to Kang Kar Mall, Hougang Mall, Rivervale Plaza, Rivervale Mall and Hougang Green Shopping Mall to take pleasure in shopping, dining and buying their daily needs; all these great shopping and dining areas are just located close by. Alternatively, future homeowners can take a few- minute-drive to Waterway Point; this is the forthcoming shopping mall which is positioned at Punggol Town Centre. This huge shopping mall is expected to be finished in year 2015 and in point of fact it is regarded as the very first retail mall located in Punggol.

The location is also neighboring the scenic Punggol Park that provides several outdoor facilities for all the members of the family. Additionally, future homeowners can pick from a great number of activities there like jogging, roller blading, having a picnic, fishing or take part in various water sports activities like power boating, wakeboarding and kayaking. The park also offers a tranquil experience and green respite.

For residents who wish to reside nearby reputable schools, Kingsford Waterbay is situated neighboring North Vista Primary School, CHIJ Our Lady of Nativity, North Spring Primary School, CHIJ Saint Joseph’s Convent, Seng Kang Primary and Secondary School, Holy Innocents’ Primary and High School, Yio Chu Kang Primary School, Montfort Junior and Secondary School, Serangoon Junior College, DPS International School, Nanyang Ploytechnic.

Kingford Waterbay Facilities

Furthermore, investors and future dwellers of this one of a kind residential project absolutely be glad with all the conveniences from the broad selection of entertainment (which comprise of a cinema that can accommodate one thousand seats, you can also enjoy lots of shopping and dining facilities. Residents are promised to experience very convenient and exciting suburban dining, shopping and entertainment experience.

For a very cozy and sumptuous dining experience, residents can go to Kopitiam Square which is a well-known food centre. For lifestyle needs, future homeowners can refer to Hougang Sports Hall, Hougang Avenue 5 Park and Punggol Park. For shopping for your grocery needs, you can choose from several supermarkets such as Cold Storage located at Compass Point, Giant found in Compassvale Bow, Prime situated at 106 Hougang and Fairprice which is positioned at Rivervale Plaza.

Investing in this very wise buy enclave is a certified smart decision. With the many conveniences it provides, its prime location, it’s very impressive design and exhaustive amenities and facilities, you are assured that your hard-earned money is in good hands.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 7.25.32 pm

For more Information and prices please

CALL Sales Hotline : 61000 830

Register with us and we will update you with Privileged FIRST HAND INFO.

Enjoy the PRIORITY for Showflat Viewing and Special VVIP PREVIEW Discounts .

Kingford Waterbay Siteplan

Rooms Type Total Size
1 Bedroom A1/A1-P/A1a/A1a-P 484 sqft | 45 sqm
1 Bedroom A1b/A1b-P/B1/B1-P 474 sqft | 44 sqm
2 Bedroom B1a/B1a-P/B1b/B1b-P 657 sqft | 61 sqm/614 sqft | 57 sqm
2 Bedroom B1c/B1c-P/B2/B2-P 624 sqft | 58 sqm/678 sqft | 63 sqm
2 Bedroom B2a/B2a-P/B2b/B2b-P 689 sqft | 64 sqm/710 sqft | 66 sqm
2 Bedroom B2c/B2c-P/B2d/B2d-P 721 sqft | 67 sqm/775 sqft | 72 sqm
3 Bedroom C1/C1-P/C1a/C1a-P 850 sqft | 79 sqm
3 Bedroom C1b/C1b-P/C1c-P 850 sqft | 79 sqm
3 Bedroom C1c/C1d/C1d-P 850 sqft | 79 sqm/861 sqft | 80 sqm
3 Bedroom C2-P/C2 883 sqft | 82 sqm
3 Bedroom C2a/C2b/C2b-P 915 sqft | 85 sqm/893 sqft | 83 sqm
3 Bedroom C2c-P/C2c/C2c 883 sqft | 82 sqm
3 Bedroom C3/C3-P/C3a/C3a-P 1001 sqft | 93 sqm/1023 sqft | 95 sqm
3 Bedroom C3b/C3c 1033 sqft | 96 sqm/1044 sqft | 97 sqm
3 Bedroom C3d/C3d-P/C3e/C3e-P 980 sqft | 91 sqm
3 Bedroom C4/C4a/C4a-P 980 sqft | 91 sqm/958 sqft | 89 sqm
4 Bedroom D1/D1a/D1a-P 1033 sqft | 96 sqm
4 Bedroom D1b/D1b-P/D2/D2-P 980 sqft | 91 sqm/1109 sqft | 103 sqm
4 Bedroom D2a/D2b/D2b-P 1109 sqft | 103 sqm/1055 sqft | 98 sqm
4 Bedroom D3-P/D3 1216 sqft | 113 sqm
4 Bedroom D3a-P/D3a 1195 sqft | 111 sqm
5 Bedroom E1/E1a-P 1356 sqft | 126 sqm/1302 sqft | 121 sqm
5 Bedroom E1a 1302 sqft | 121 sqm
Penthouse A1-PH/A1a-PH 689 sqft | 64 sqm/678 sqft | 63 sqm
Penthouse A1b-PH/B1-PH 657 sqft | 61 sqm/840 sqft | 78 sqm
Penthouse B1a-PH/B1b-PH 872 sqft | 81 sqm/829 sqft | 77 sqm
Penthouse B1c-PH/B2-PH 850 sqft | 79 sqm/840 sqft | 78 sqm
Penthouse B2a-PH/B2b-PH 861 sqft | 80 sqm/915 sqft | 85 sqm
Penthouse B2c-PH/C1-PH 926 sqft | 86 sqm/1066 sqft | 99 sqm
Penthouse C1a-PH/C1b-PH 1066 sqft | 99 sqm
Penthouse C1c-PH/C1d-PH 1066 sqft | 96 sqm/1076 sqft | 100 sqm
Penthouse C2-PH/C2a-PH 1098 sqft | 102 sqm/1141 sqft | 106 sqm
Penthouse C2b-PH/C2c-PH 1109 sqft | 103 sqm/1098 sqft | 102 sqm
Penthouse C3-PH/C3a-PH 1216 sqft | 113 sqm/1249 sqft | 116 sqm
Penthouse C3b-PH/C3c-PH 1249 sqft | 116 sqm/1195 sqft | 111 sqm
Penthouse C4-PH/C4a-PH 1184 sqft | 110 sqm/1141 sqft | 106 sqm
Penthouse D1-PH/D1a-PH 1259 sqft | 117 sqm/1259 sqft | 117 sqm
Penthouse D2-PH/D2a-PH 1335 sqft | 124 sqm
Penthouse D3-PH/D3a-PH 1442 sqft | 134 sqm/1421 sqft | 132 sqm
Penthouse E1-PH 1593 sqft | 148 sqm


Property Category: Condo Estimated TOP: 1 December 2018
Property Name: KingsFord Waterbay Developer: Kingsford Property Development Pte Ltd
Address: Upper Serangoon View Tenure/Status: 99 years
District No.: 19 Plot Size.: 293,806.6
No of Blocks: 3 Blocks of 16 storey Total Units: 1165

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